Garage is the newest trend in Tirana; where you can have the best coffee, have business lunches with colleagues or fantastic dinners with your loved ones. You are also welcome to join us for our non-stop shows and live entertainment events throughout the entire week. We are fuelled by passion to serve you with good food, amazing drinks and the top entertainment in Tirana… and yes we are assertive because we are creative!


Feel unique in our beautifully designed pub because we have so much to offer.  Sizzling organic steaks from the mountains of Albania meets the variety of excellent wines in one place. Would you like to stay after dinner? Well if you do; you can have some amazing time with our ongoing performances spread out through a week. Better news is that you will also find the first class cocktails made of daily fresh ingredients under the same roof once again!


A cup of coffee? Our garden is located by the north entrance of the lake and has its freshness from the Grand Park of Tirana. Speaking of freshness; you must try the Garage Iced Tea while you are in. Great atmosphere accompanied by the right brand of coffee; we present you Lavazza; a company which produces coffee since 1895. The brand combines coffees from different parts of the world. These coffees are harvested, processed, mixed and roasted to create many different and balanced blends, and satisfy the taste of every one of us.


Like fresh air in the evenings? How about a 5 meter outdoor screen? Patio turns into an arena and you get to watch significant sports events on the biggest screen in Tirana. sipping on your favorite beer or some refreshing cocktail, munching on our chef’s delicious appetizers…  Summer events like cinema nights or acoustic live music performances will also be held at our unique mini arena.